Access to Kumamoto by Air

Tokyo-Kumamoto /about 1hours 40minutes
Nagoya-Kumamoto /about 1hours 20minutes
Itami-Kumamoto /about 1hours 5minutes
Kansai-Kumamoto /about 1hours 5minutes
Okinawa-Kumamoto /about 1hours 25minutes

From Aso Kumamoto Airport to Torichosuji
(Kumamoto City, central area of prefecture)
 - 40 min. by limousine bus


Access to Kumamoto by Land

kumamoto map

Express bus
Fukuoka-Kumamoto /about 1hours 50minutes
Oita-Kumamoto /about 1hour 30minutes
Kagoshima-Kumamoto /
about 3hour 20minutes

From Kumamoto Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway to Torichosuji
 - 30 min. by car or highway bus

JR railway
Fukuoka-Kumamoto /33minutes(fastest)
Oita-Kumamoto /2hour 40minutes
Kagoshima Chuo-Kumamoto /51minutes(fastest)
  • From Kumamoto Station to Torichosuji
     - 15 min. by tram or bus
  • From Shin-Suizenji Station to Torichosuji
     - 10 min. by tram or bus

A surrounding Map

A surrounding Map