Iki-ningyo and Desire in the Edo period

 Exhibition Information

Term :
June 24 -October 24, 2006
Closed :
Every Tuesday
Museum hours :
10 a.m.-8 p.m. (No one will be admitted after 7:30 p.m.)
Special Nights on 12&13 August, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (No one will be admitted after 9:30 p.m.)
Entrance fees :
Adult: 1200yen (1000yen)* University&High school students: 800yen(600yen) *
Junior high/ elementary school students: 400yen (300yen) *
Junior high/ elementary school students in Kumamoto city: FREE
*Parentheses indicate reduced price for groups of 20 or more.

Place :
Gallery I & II at Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
Organizer :
"Iki-ningyo and Desire in the Edo period" Executive Committee; Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Art and Cultural Promotion Foundation, Kumamoto Nichinichi Press, RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting
Hiroshi Minamishima
(Director at CAMK)
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
TEL.+81-96-278-7500 FAX. +81-96-359-7892
We would like to review the popular amusement in the late 19th century, focusing around Iki-ningyo, Ukiyo-e and Eejanaika (Never-mind) movement in 1867/68. Desire of mass at that time will be examined from various historical, visual materials.
Kamehachi Yasumoto Sumo-Iki-ningyo
170x150x160cm, 1890 (C)Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, foto: Katsuo Tsutsumi
Sumo Cosmology
(C)Sumo Museum (Tokyo)
Mandala World of Ukiyo-e
Utamaro Kitagawa, A Woman playing a Poppin, 38.6x25.5cm,1971 (C)Sakima Art Museum (Okinawa)
European’s Understanding of Edo- Life
Samurai, 162x110x52cm, ca.1871 (C) Stibbert Museum, Florence, Italy, foto:Hidehiko Nagaishi
dog 7x12x5.5cm, 19C. (C) National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, Netherlands
Basket seller, 37.5x18x20(figure), 59x61x31(stand)cm ,19C., (C) National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, Netherlands
Local festivals and Iki-ningyo
Kabuki properties and Iki-ningyo
Kamehachi Yasumoto, Severed Head for Kabuki, 24x17x21cm, (C) Fujinami Properties Co. Ltd. (Tokyo)

Iki-ningyo and Desire in the Edo period Events

Iki-ningyo Commemorative Lecture
Place: CAMK Home Gallery (free of charge)
Time: 2 p.m.-
free of charge
June 24 (Sat.) "The Stibbert Museum and their Japanese Collection"
Dr. Francesco Civita (Curator, Stibbert Museum; Florence, Italy)
July 9 (Sun.) "Desire and Imagination in the Edo Period "
Masao Yamaguchi (Anthropologist)
August 20 (Sun.) " Sakima Art Museum's Collection"
Michio Sakima (Director at Sakima Art Museum, Okinawa)
September 10 (Sun.) "Cosmology of Akusho(red-light district) "
Kazuteru Okiura (Professor emeritus at Momoyama Gakuin University )

Iki-ningyo Talk Show "Culture of Character and Iki-ningyo"

Go Ito

Hirohito Miyamoto
Go Ito (Manga watcher), Hirohito Miyamoto (Associate professor at Kitakyushu University)
Moderator: Kodama Kanazawa (Curator at Kawasaki City Museum)
Place: CAMK Home Gallery
free of charge

CAMK Lecture Series
free of charge
Place:CAMK Home Gallery
June 25 (Sun.) "Iki-ningyo and Desire in the Edo period"
Hiroshi Minamishima(Director at CAMK)
July 23 (Sun.) "Structure of Iki-ningyo" Haruko Tomisawa (Curator at CAMK)
August 27 (Sun.) "Iki-ningyo Collection in Europe and the U.S.A."
Yoshiko Honda (Chief Curator at CAMK)

Appreciation of Iki-ningyo in Kumamoto
July 16 (Sun.)
Tanikumi-Kannon by Kisaburo Matsumoto and Eijiro Ejima in 1871 Jyokoku-ji Temple (2-20-35 Takahira, Kumamoto City)
July 22 (Sat.)
Sho Kanzeon Bosatsu by Kisaburo Matsumoto in 1887
Raiko-in Temple (6-8-8 Kasuga, Kumamoto City)
Registration to CAMK is necessary. Get together & break up on site.
There is no parking lot. Please use public transport.

Happy Family Tour
Tours for the whole family! This offer is for families with of children of ages 1-6
Time: August 12 (Sat.), Septemper 10 (Sun.), October 1(Sun.) 10:30-11:30 Place:The exhibition space
Charge: Entrance ticket for adult is required. We can only accept 7 group (registration is necessary)
*This offer is exclusively for family consists of 0-6 years old child and adult.
Guide: Akiko Sakamoto (Curator at CAMK)

Expectant Mother's Tour
Let's enjoy art experience at CAMK! We will show you our convenient facilities for mothers like nursing room too. You can come with your family and friends.
Time: Ocotber 11, 10:30-12:00
Place: The exhibition space
Charge: Entrance ticket is required.
We can only accept 15 people (registration is necessary) Guide: Akiko Sakamoto (Curator at CAMK)

Gallery Talk
Curators will introduce the exhibitions highlights.
On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, at 3 p.m. (the days of lectures at 4 p.m.)
Charge: Entrance ticket is required

Workshop Kids' Summer Art College
Art Camp in Kinbo Mt. Enjoy Nature and Art yourself in Kinbozan Shonen Shizen no Ie!
Date: July 29(Sat.)-30(Sun.), 2006
Ages: Primary school children (10 student limit)
Cost: actual expenditure for meal etc. (about 2000yen)
Place: Kinbozan Shonen Shizen no Ie, Nishi Hirayama, Ikegami, Kumamoto
(get together & break up on site)
Leader: Hiroshi Minamishima (Director at CAMK)

International Adviser's Lecture

Haydee Venegas
October 12(Thu.) 14:00-15:30
"Art is Life itself - Contemporary Art in Latin America"
Haydee Venegas (Art History professor at the Escuela de Artes Plsticas in Puerto Rico)

Concert / Film Screenings

Puppet Show
A show for the whole family.
Free of charge @Art Loft 14:00-
July 2 (Sun.)
"Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse" Chapa Puppet Theather
September 2 (Sat.)
"The Ugly Duckling" Fantasia Puppet Theather
October 14 (Sat.)
"Country Mouse, City Mouse" Kasuperu Puppet Theather.

Special Screening at Long Night
Free of charge @Home Gallery 19:00-
August 12 (Sat.)
A.I. 143min. U.S.A. 2001
August 13 (Sun.)
Heaven and Earth 141min. U.S.A. 1993

ASIA FOCUS・in・Kumamoto
October 4~9, 2006 @ArtLoft 14:00~
Price:500yen (Only Day Ticket; You can get a numbered ticket from 1 p.m.)
80 seats (first-come-first sold basis)
October 4 (Wed.) Two Guys (111min./2004/Korea)
October 5 (Thu.) The Big Durian (75min./2003/Malaysia)
October 6 (Fri.) Tumur of Mountain (107min./2004/Mongolia)
October 7 (Sat.) Hejar (120min./2001/Turkey)
October 8 (Sun.) A Breath (107min./2003/India)
October 9 (Mon.) Bird-Man Tale (90min./2002/Indonesia)

Monday Movies
Free of charge @Art Loft 14:00-
June 26 An American in Paris (113min./1951/U.S.A.)
July 3 East of Eden (115min./1954/U.S.A.)
July 10 Enter The Dragon (100min./1973/U.S.A.)
July 17 An Unfinished Piece for A Player Piano (102min./1977/Soviet)
July 24 Bowling for Columbine (120min./2002/Canada)
July 31 HISAI (103min./1997/Japan)
(Japanese caption for hard-of-hearing person )
August 7 Alexei and the Spring (104min./2002/Japan)
August 14 Edges of the Lord (101min./2000/U.S.A.)
August 21 Manneken Pis (90min./1995/Belguim)
August 28 Our Hospitality (67min./1923/U.S.A.)
September 4 Acacia Walk (90min./2000/Japan)
(Japanese caption for hard-of-hearing person )
September 11 After Hours (98min./1985/U.S.A.)
September 18 Gaslight (114min./1944/U.S.A.)
September 25 The Gold Rush (85min./1925/U.S.A.)
October 2 Ossessione (117min./1942/Italy)
October 9 Bird-Man Tale (90min./2002/Indonesia)
(see ASIA FOCUS·IN·Kumamoto)
October 16 La Strada (107min./1954/Italy)
*Films on June 26, July 10 and October 16 will be presented by the Kamitori Fan Club.
Weekly screenings of various cinematic masterpieces Monday afternoon and evenings at 14:00-, 18:00-

Friday Jam Concert
Live concerts taking place every Friday 18:30-
Place:Home Gallery or Art Loft
free of charge

Home Gallery Concert
Every night concerts in the home gallery at 7 p.m.
free of charge