Iki-ningyo and Kisaburo Matsumoto

5 June, 2004 - 15 August, 2004

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Kisaburo Matsumoto was born in Kumamoto in 1825. He achieved a good reputation in his neighborhood from making elaborate works in the community festival in his early years. In 1854 he produced his first show with lifelike mannequins in Osaka. It was a big surprise how his wooden figures looked like real people and it was a huge box office success. In an Iki-ningyo (lifelike mannequin) show, about 60-80 scenes from a fashionable play or well-known historical event were theatrically presented. It became a popular amusement in the late 19th century. Above all, Kisaburo Matsumoto and Kamehachi Yasumoto, who both hailed from Kumamoto City, were famed as the best Iki-ningyo makers.
Matsumoto also made the first homunculus of wood in Japan in 1872. The following year he participated in the Vienna EXPO with his wooden skeleton.
Due to its popularity as low-brow entertainment, historians have taken little account of Iki-ningyo as a subject of research. Therefore Iki-ningyo figures were scattered and lost. Some Europeans and Americans took them home out of ethnological interest or as souvenirs.
Research Process and Focus of the Exhibition

We at the Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto have researched the Iki-ningyo for four years in order to uncover the Iki-ningyo and the cultural circumstances in Kumamoto and Japan at that time. In the process, we learned that there are many Iki-ningyo figures with different roles around the world.
We would like to review the popular amusement 'Iki-ningyo (lifelike mannequin)' in the late 19th century, and Iki-ningyo craftsmen including Kisaburo Matsumoto and Kamehachi Yasumoto from Kumamoto. It will be highly significant from the perspective of a reconsideration of the modern age.
In addition, the Iki-ningyo figures which traveled outside Japan will be defined within the context of cultural exchange history.

"Iki-ningo and Kisaburo Matsumoto" Exhibition consists of the eight parts.

1. Tukurimono popular works in the community festival
2. Kisaburo Matsumoto Matsumoto’s main works will to
3. Kamehachi Yasumoto(the first, the second, the third)
4. Eijiro Ejima
5. New generation of Iki-ningyo
6. Iki-ningo went to the United States
7. Ikiningo went to Europe
8. Documents

Event Guide

Commemorative Lecture
June 5, 2004 (Sat), 2 p.m.

Place: CAMK Home Gallery (free of charge)

"European Understanding of Asia -Iki-ningyo in Germany "

-Dr. Lydia Icke-Schwalbe
(Curator, State Ethnographic Collections of Saxony; Museum for Ethnography Dresden, Germany)
-Dr. Andreas Luederwaldt
(Curator, Uebersee-Museum, Bremen, Germany)

Hiroshi Minamishima (CAMK Director)

"Iki-ningyo and Kisaburo Matsumoto" Lecture Series
Sunday from 2 p.m.

Place: CAMK Home Gallery (free of charge)

June 6: 1.[Revenge of Anti-Modern]:
Hiroshi Minamishima (CAMK Director)
June 13: 2.[Overview Iki-ningyo in Japan]:
Haruko Tomisawa (CAMK Assistant Curator)
June 27 :

3.[Kisaburo Matsumoto Biography]:
Ikuo Doi (National Bunraku Theatre)

July 4:

4.[Iki-ningyo in Europe]:
Yoshiko Honda (CAMK Assistant Curator)

July 18:

5.[Misemono Show and Iki-ningyo]:
Naoyuki Kinoshita (Tokyo University Graduate School, Professor)

August 1: 6.[Cultural Exchange in Iki-ningyo]:
Junichi Kobayashi (Curator, Edo-Tokyo Museum)

Workshop Kids' Summer Art College
?Art Camp in Kinbo Mt.?

July 29(Thursday)-30(Freiday), 2004

Enjoy Nature and Art yourself in Kinbozan Shonen Shizen no Ie!

Date: July 29(Thursday)-30(Freiday), 2004
Ages: Primary school children
(10 student limit)
Cost: actual expenditure for meal etc.
(about 2000yen)
Place: Kinbozan Shonen Shizen no Ie, Nishi Hirayama, Ikegami, Kumamoto
(get together & break up on site)
Leader: Akiko Sakamoto
(CAMK Assistant Curator)
Art walking in CAMKism
July 11, Sunday, 10 a.m.

The CAMK director, Hiroshi Minamishima will navigate around Kumamoto City. You will rediscovery Kumamoto!

Time: July 11, Sunday, 10 a.m.
-about two hours
  We can only accept 15 people.
Guide: Hiroshi Minamishima
(CAMK Director)

Workshop for adults: Thursdays Workshop

July 1& 15& August 5
August 12& 26& Sep. 9

Place:Kids' Factory

We are making funny ceramics on the theme of every exhibition.

*Vol.10[Figure]:July 1& 15& August 5
*Vol. 11[Accessories]:August 12& 26& Sep. 9

Time: 2 p.m.-5 p.m.
  We can only accept 15 people each time.
Cost: vol.10: 600yen, vol.11: 700yen
Place: Kids' Factory
Instructor: Risa Yamamuro
(CAMK Thursdays Workshop)
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096-278-7503(curatorial section)
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Monday afternoon and evenings at 3 p.m., 6 p.m.

Place: Art Loft (free of charge)

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June 7: I Love You
(111min., 1999, Japan) *
June 14: DREAMS
(120min., 1990, Japan)
June 21: BeRLiN
(107min., 1995, Japan)
(108min., 2001, Japan) *
(103min., 2001, Japan)
(90min., 1997, Japan)
July 19: U-NA-GI **17:45-
(134min., 1999, Japan)
July 26: Acacia Walk
(90min., 2000, Japan)
August 2: HISAI
(103min., 1997, Japan)
August 9: blue
(116min., 2003, Japan)
*Both days will be presented by the Kamitori Fan Club.

Special Movies :
August 14 (Sat.) ,August 15 (Sun.) 20:00-

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August 14 (Sat.) Sinsengumi
( 93min., 1958, Japan)
August 15 (Sun.) Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan
( 79min., 1959, Japan)
*Both days will be presented by Kinecom
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Place: Home Gallery or Art Loft (free of charge)

June 11-August 15, 2004, every Friday at 6:30 p.m. (June 11, July 23, August 28 will be 7 p.m.)

June 11: TOKA * 7 p.m.
June 18: Oni Benkei
June 25: JAMWEC
[Collaboration of Japanese and Western Music Instruments ]
July 2: RISKY.
July 9: Yukiko Oyama and history of
Fumi Koide
[Words & Songs]
July 16: Satoshi Murakami
[Tugaru samisen]
July 23: Kumamoto Japanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft e. V. Chor * 7 p.m.
July 30: HOTCLUB202
[Gypsy, Swing jazz]
August 6: J freeze * 7 p.m.
August 13: Flute Ensemble

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