POP ART  1960ís-2000ís

 Exhibition Information

Term :
From 25th July 2015 to 27th September 2015
Closed :
Tuesdays (open on September 22) and September 24

Museum hours :
10 a.m. - 8 p.m. (No admission after 7:30 p.m.)
Exhibition Admission :
Adults: 1000yen (800yen)
People over 65 years: 800yen (600yen)
University/High School Students: 500yen (400yen)
Junior High School Students (with current ID) or under: Free
*Parentheses indicate reduced price for groups which in more than 20 people. The reduced price is also available for those who are physically or mentally handicapped.

Venue :
Contemporary Art Museum,Kumamoto

Organized by :
Kumamoto City, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto (Kumamoto Art and Culture Promotion Foundation), The Yomiuri Shimbun, The Japan Association of Art Museums, KKT(Kumamoto Kenmin TV)
Cooperated by :
Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education, Kumamoto City Board of Education, Kumamoto Ken Bunka Kyokai (Cultural Association of Kumamoto), Kumamoto Ken Bijutsuka Renmei (Artists' Union of Kumamoto), NHK Kumamoto, J:COM Kumamoto, Kumamoto International Convention and Tourism Bureau, FM-Kumamoto, FM791
Special Supported by:
MISUMI Group Inc.
Supported by:
Taguchi Art Collection
Sponsored by:
Lion Corporation, SHIMIZU CORPORATION, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
2-3, Kamitori-cho, Chuou-ku, Kumamoto city
860-0845 Japan
FAX. +81-96-359-7892
 After World War II, American artists attempted to break away from European influence and searched for original ways of expressing.
Painting played an important role in broadcasting new artistic ideas to the world. Many of these innovative works of contemporary American art have been gathered together in the Misumi Art Collection, which focuses on high quality prints and groundbreaking paintings by younger artists.
The collection has received high praise for its strongly individual character and remarkable prescience.
In the present exhibition, this marvelous collection is supplemented by works from the fine collections of Pop Art held by public museums in Kyushu, offering 110 works, mostly paintings, by 30 artists including Warhol and Lichtenstein.


An Image of Gregory 1985

Marina Kappos
Ronni,2002 2002
(C) Marina KAPPOS

David LaChapelle
Death by Hamburger 2001

Related Program

*All events will be held in Japanese

Special Talk (1) by Nobuyuki Hiromoto
Speaker: Nobuyuki Hiromoto (Curator of Misumi Collection)
Date and Time: July 25 (Sat) 14:00-15:30
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free

Special Talk (2) by Murakami Satoshi
Speaker: Murakami Satoshi (Curator of kumamoto prefectural museum of art)
Date and Time: September 5 (Sat) 14:00-15:30
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free

CAMK Lecture College
The exhibition curator outlines the aim and the plan of this exhibition, discusses the featured works.
Speaker: Akiko Sakamoto (Curator of Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto)
Date and Time: August 22(Sat) 14:00-
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free

Silk Screen Workshop 
Date and Time: August 16 (Sun) 13:00~18:00 (including intermission)
Place: Kids Factory
Capacity and the age limit: 10 (between 12 and 22 years old)
Admission: Free
*Booking Required

Expectant Mother's Tour + Family Tour
This is a tour for enjoying the exhibition with family or friends. We also show you convenient facilities for future mothers such as the nursing room or play space for children.
This offer is children aged 0-6 years accompanied by adults. Capacity is 7 groups (bookings required)
Date and Time: August 1 (Sat) 10:30-11:10
Place: Exhibition Space
Admission: Exhibition tickets for adults are needed

Gallery Tour
Gallery tour for the exhibition guided by the curator.
Date and Time: July 26, August 2/ 9/ 30, September 6/ 13/ 27
(Every time starts at 15:00-)
Place: Exhibition Space
Admission: Exhibition tickets for adults are needed

Daily events in CAMK

Monday Movies
We show various films every Monday in our museum theater.
Date and Time: Twice on every Monday, 14:00-, 18:00-
Place: 5F Art Loft
Admission: Free (90 sheets only)

CAMK Yomigatari
Storytelling Hours for Kids by Museum Volunteers.
Date and Time: August 15 (Sat) [Theme: Summer Vacation],
September 19 (Sat) [Theme: Foreign story],
(Every time starts at 11:30-12:00)
Place: Art Sky Gallery
Admission: Free

Poetry Reading
Date and Time: July 23 [Theme: Pop Art],
August 27 [Theme: Message],
September 17 [Theme: Canned Food]
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free