CAMK Selection
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"Japanese Painting(Nihonga)"

September 6 (Sat.) - October 19 (Sun.)

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This month we will be open on Tuesday September 23rd for the national holiday, but will be closed the next day, Wednesday September 24.
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The Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto -CAMK- has made it a point to present the idea of a “museum of contemporary art” as a vessel of everlasting change and growth. In our latest exhibit, we would like to introduce, “CAMK Selection - Masterpieces of Contemporary Japanese Painting(Nihonga)”

During the past several years, Japanese painting has been defined as “Behind the times with nowhere to go.”
Chinami Nakashima / 2003
Miran Fukuda /1994/227.2×181.8cm

Critics, curators and even the painters themselves have pushed for the creation of a new Japanese painting. However, we at CAMK would like to express doubts towards this attitude and see Japanese painting from a different perspective, in which we would like to shed new light and opinions on.

  Takeshi Honda / 1996/ 227.3×363.6cm
With a strict adherence to the traditional painting materials and techniques of Japanese painting, artists like Chinami Nakajima, Hiroshi Senju and Rieko Hidaka bring about a revolution from within the world of Japanese painting, and and attempt to create pure paintings themselves.
In addition to these painters we will also be exhibiting the works of three other artists whose work contrasts the Japanese Painting. Sculptor Satoshi Yabuuchi explores the Japanese aesthetic through traditional sculpture techniques, Miran Fukuda attempts to unsettle the seeing - recognition relation, and Takeshi Honda will reveal nature to us through his minutely detailed pencil drawings.
We hope that you will discover new aspects of Japanese Painting in this show.

Rieko Hidaka/ 2002/ 240×240cm
Satoshi Yabuuchi/1994/
(Photo:Takeshi Fujimori)

Hiroshi Senju <the fall>

Artist Talks
[Place:Home Gallery / Price: Free]
* Artist Talks 1/ September 6 (Sat.) 13:00 -
Chinami Nakajima, Rieko Fukuda, Miran Fukuda, Takeshi Honda
* Artist Talks 2/ September 26 (Fri.) 13:00 - Hiroshi Senju
* Artist Talks 3/ September 28 (Sun.) 13:00 - Satoshi Yabuuchi
* Guest Talk / Natsuko Kusanagi (Art Critic) September 27 (Sat.) 13:00 -
Talks about the contemporary Japanese Painting

Workshop and Concert
* Workshop[Let's paint a Japanese Painting!] September 13, 13:00-15:00 pm.
  Price: to be announced / 10 parent-child limit.[Place: Kids factory]
* Tea Ceremony in the gallery September 27, 15:00 -
  Price: In order to attend this tea ceremony, [ Place: CAMK Gallery II ]
you need to make a reservation in advance and have a ticket for the exhibition.
* Gallery Tours
  Every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays at 3 pm.
Gallery tours are given every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays at 3 pm.
* Home Gallery Concert Every night at 19:00 p.m. there are concerts in the home gallery.

* Monday Night Movies
Weekly screenings of various cinematic masterpieces starting at 6 pm.
  Schedule is as follows:
September 8:Forbidden Games (86 min, 1952, France)
September 15:Anna Karenina (111 min, 1948, England)
September 22:Ladri Di Biciclette (85min, 1948, Italy)
September 29:L'ARGENT (85min, 1983, France)*
Ocrober 6:And Life Goes On ...(95min, 1992, Iran)*
Ocrober 13:Casablanca (103min, 1942, U.S.A.)
Place:Art Loft
Monday evenings at 18:00 Free
  *Both days will be presented by the Kamitori Fan Club

* Friday Jam Concert
Live concerts taking place every Friday at 18:30.
  Featured groups include Akeboshi,Ichi Quarter among others.
Place:Art Loft
Friday evenings at 18:30 Free

* In certain unavoidable cases, there may be changes in the scheduled displays/events.
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