Death of Time(1990-1992)
Hifoshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Courtesy of Shiraishi Contemporary Art Inc.
The Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, is delighted to present "Beyond the Death," a solo exhibition of Tatsuo Miyajima. Mr. Miyajima first drew international attention in 1988,when he appeared in the Aperto of the Venice Biennale.
Miyajima's work is based on a serene and lucid concept, often stated in this phrase: "it keepschanging, it connects with everything, it continues forever."The exhibition "Beyond the Death" consists of three works: "Death ofTime," which was dedicated to the victims of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing; the monumental "Mega Death," shown in 1999 at the last Venice Biennale of the 20th century as a requiem for the century; and "Death Clock," The three works are brought together, side by side, in a first-ever array, forming the so-called "Death Trilogy."

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