Kumamoto Flower Arrangement Show vol.9

 Exhibition Information

Term :
Part I: April 27 (Sat.)-April 29 (Mon.), 2013
Part II: May 3(Fri.)-May 5(Sun.), 2013
Closed :
Closed on every Tuesday
Museum hours :
11 a.m.-8 p.m.
(No admission after 7:30 p.m.)
(On the last day of Part I and PartII, galleries will be open until 6 p.m.)
Entrance fees :
Adult: 500yen (400yen)
University / High school students:300yen (200yen)
Junior high/ elementary school students: 200yen (100yen)
Junior high/elementary school students in Kumamoto city, Fukuoka city, Kagoshima city and Kitakyusyu City: Free(With current ID)
Parentheses indicate reduced price for groups which in more than 20 people, (Only for adults and university/high school students.), For those who are physically or mentally handicapped and for those over 65 years of age in Kumamoto city, Fukuoka city, Kagoshima city and Kitakyusyu City.

Place :
Contemporary Art Museum,Kumamoto GalleryI, II
Organizer :
Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Art and Culture Promotion public utility Foundation
Cooperated by :
Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun Co., RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting Co.
Sponsored by :
Committee of Kumamoto Flower Arrangement, Flower Promotion Conference of Kumamoto
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
FAX. +81-96-359-7892
CAMK's spring festival of ikebana Kumamoto Flower Arrangement Show vol.9 is held.
The title of this show is “Power of Flowers”.
The show is a focused look at the power of flowers, healing and activating spectators and stimulating our creativity.
We hope you will feel not only the greatness of flowers quality from Kumamoto Prefecture as “Kumamoto Brand” and also the creativity of flower artists and farm producers.
The 21 Ikebana schools in Kumamoto
Ikenobo, Ikebanashofu,Ohara-ryu, Kageiadachi-ryu, Kumamotomishokai, Gendaiikenobo,Kodo-ryu,sagago-ryu, Shinsei-ryu,Senshinikenobo, Senshinunrin-ha, Sogetsu-ryu, Chiko-ryu, Nanso-ryu, Nenge-ryu,
Higokodo-ryu,Fujihisa-ryu, Misho-ryu, Misui-ryu, Yoshin-ryu, Ryusei-ha
Past collaboration corner is “Ikebana meets CAMK Exhibition”

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