The World of Nobumichi Ide December 21, 2002 (Saturday)- February 2, 2003 (Sunday)
Member of the Japan Academy of Arts and painter of Cultural Merit

Nobumichi Ide was born in Mifune-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture in 1912. After graduation from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, he took an active part in activities such as the Imperial Art Academy Exhibition, the New Ministry of Education Art Exhibition, the Japan Art Exhibition, and Kofukai. The dynamic painter tried to reform the world of western-style painting after World War II, and attempted to pursue new representational painting according to Japanese sensibilities.
In this exhibition his works from four main periods are going to be introduced, and the essence of his art world will be explored.
In addition, works from the Nichiyo Art Exhibition will be displayed to recreate the atmosphere of the western-style painting world that was bursting with vitality after WWII.

Museum hours 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. (No one will be admitted after 7:30 p.m.)
Closed* Tuesday
Entrance fees
Adult = 600 yen (500 yen)
High school/university students = 450 yen (350 yen)
Junior high/elementary school students = 300 yen (200 yen)
*Parentheses indicate reduced price for groups of 20 or more.

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