15th anniversary of the opening of Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
Kumamoto AdmirableKumamoto Castle, Ikiningyo, Higo-Rokka, Ishimure Michiko... Contemporary Art Meets the Past and Future of Kumamoto

 Exhibition Information

Dates :
September 16 (sat) - November 26 (sun)
Closed :
Opening Hours :
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
(admission until 7:30 PM)
Venue :
Contemporary Art Museum. Kumamoto
Admission :
Adult :
1000 (800) yen
Seniors (65 and over) :
800 (600) yen
(the high school students and over) :
500 (400) yen
Junior high school students or under :
The admission given in parentheses are for advance tickets / group (20 or more) / with one-day ticket for tram or buss, etc.
Organized by :
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto (Kumamoto City and Kumamoto Art and Culture Promotion Foundation), Kumamoto Nichinichi Press, TKU
Subsidied by :
Japan Arts Councillogo
Cooperated by:
Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education, Kumamoto City Board of Education, Kumamoto Ken Bunka Kyokai (Cultural Association of Kumamoto), Kumamoto Ken Bijutsuka Renmei (Artists' Union of Kumamoto), Kumamoto International Convention and Tourism Bureau, J:COM Kumamoto, FM-Kumamoto, FM791
This year we marks 15th anniversary of the opening of Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto. The exhibition "Kumamoto Admirable" commemorates the anniversary.
Kumamoto Castle, Ikiningyo, Higo Rokka, (six flowers of Higo Province, the ole name of Kumamoto), Ishimure Michiko (author of "Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow: Our Minamata Disease", activist from Kumamoto) are the themes that belongs to Kumamoto culture and history, the internationally active contemporary artists faces the themes sincerely, and the commissioned works are unveiled in this exhibition. And also we show the ongoing research results of the Ikiningyo with new discoveries.
We have faced with disasters not only Kumamoto earthquakes but also natural disasters, human accidents, Hiroshima, Minamata, Great East Japan earthquakes. We would like to verify them through the artists’ point of view in this exhibition. The art works will suggest new beauty and value that based on human dignity and harmony. That will be a hope of the cultural reconstruction in Kumamoto.

Participating Artists

Ejima Eijiro, Fukaura Haru / Ogawa Masu / Nakajima Senju, Hideshima Yukio, Hirata Goyo, Imada Junko, Inahara Toyonori, Ishikawa Naoki, Ishiuchi Miyako, Miyajima Tatsuo, Nagao Norihisa,Ogushi Seiju, Suzuki Atsushi, Takishita Kazuyuki, Terada Katsuya, Yasumoto Kamehachi


Ishiuchi Miyako
Shiranui no Yubi #1, 2014-2017
collection of the artist © Ishiuchi Miyako

Terada Katsuya
Bateira, 2017
collection of the artist © Katsuya Terada

Miyajima Tatsuo
Changing Time with Changing Self-Flower, 2014
collection of the artist © Tatsuo Miyajima

Ishikawa Naoki
collection of the artist © Naoki ISHIKAWA

Yasumoto Kamehachi
Sumo Ikiningyo, 1890
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto

Imada Junko
HIGO-ROCK! HIGO-ROCCA! Project "Flower-Shock!" Kumamoto, All over Again! (Higo Hanasyobu 2016.05), 2016
collection of the artist © Junko Imada

Related Program

* All events will be held in Japanese.
Artist Talk
Speaker: Miyajima Tatsuo, Ishiuchi Miyako, Ishikawa Naoki
Date and Time: Sep 16 (sat) 14:00-15:30
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free

Terada Katsuya: Open Studio
Date and Time : Sep 16 (sat) –Sep 18 (mon) 11:00-17:00 (in schedule)
Place: Exhibition Space
Admission: Exhibition tickets are needed
Mini Talk and Autograph session will be held after open studio on Sep 18.

Imada Junko: Open Studio and Workshop
Date and Time: Oct 12 (thu) 11:00-16:00 (in schedule)
Place: Bepuresu Hiroba
Admission: Free

Suzuki Atsushi: Art Event "How about Ni-Ki-E? Again and again"
While the artist Suzuki Atsushi talks with participant, the artist draws a tree that participant resembles (Ni-Ki-E). Participant can take the picture.
Date and Time: Nov 4 (sat) 13:00-16:00 (in Schedule)
Place: Free Space (near the entrance of exhibition space 2)
Admission: Free

Hideshima Yukio: Talk about Illustrations of "Haru no Shiro"
Date and Time: Nov 12 (sun) 14:00-15:30
Place: Exhibition Space
Admission: Exhibition tickets are needed

Screening: "Things Left Behind" (80min.)
Date and Time: Sep 23 (sat) / Oct 28(sat) / Nov 23 (thu) each 14:00-
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free

CAMK Lecture Collage "About Kumamoto Admirable"
Speaker: Tomisawa Haruko (senior curator of Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto)
Date and Time: Oct 22 (sun) 14:00-15:30
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free

Gallery Tour
Gallery tour for the exhibition guided by the curator.
Date and Time: Sep 24 (sun) / Oct 1 (sun) / Oct 29(sun) / Nov 5(sun) / Nov 26(sun) 15:00-15:30
Place: Exhibition Space
Admission: Exhibition tickets are needed

Expectant Mother's Tour + Family Tour
This is a tour for enjoying the exhibition with family or friends. We also show you convenient facilities for future mothers such as the nursing room or play space for children.
This offer is children aged 0-6 years accompanied by adults. Capacity is 7 groups
Date and Time: Sep 30 (sat) 10:30-11:10
Place: Exhibition Space
Admission: Exhibition tickets are needed
Collaborative Events with Kamitori Shoeikai
Takishita Kazuyuki + Kamitori "With the lovely Ogres! Be a Supporter of repairing Stone wall of Kumamoto Castle!"
Takishita Kazuyuki
The Momotaro Extra, The Castle Anniversary on Ogre’s Island (detail) 2008
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto © Kazuyuki Takishita
Date and Time: From October to November
Place: Kamitori Shopping Street
In Oct 7-8, Autograph session and workshop will be held in the corner of Kamitori Shopping Street.

Original Nuri-E
Original Free Nuri-E by Terada Katsuya and Takishita Kazuyuki.
Date: Sep 16(sat)-Nov 26(sun)
Fee: Exhibition tickets are needed (Adult, Seniors and Students). One time each one sheet.
©Katsuya Terada