Feb.26-Mar.13 Close:Feb.28 and Mar.6.
Kumamoto City Citizen Art Exhibition has begun when Heisei era started. Any Kumamoto Citizen and who are from Kumamoto City, is age 15 over, can participate in this independent show.
Organizers: Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Art and Culture Promotion Foundation
Cooperation: Collaborator's Group
Venue: Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
Date: Feb. 25, 2012 (Sat) - March 11, 2012 (Sun)
Closed: Tuesday
Hours: 10a.m.-8 p.m. (No admission after 7:30 p.m.)
Sunday, March 11 open until 5 p.m.
Admission Free
Entry: Feb.18 (Sat) and 19(Sun), 2012, 10:00-17:00
Theme: Getting over / Beyond
Judge's History
Judge: Ichiro Tsuruta (1954--)
Ichiro Tsuruta was born in Amakusa, Kumamoto prefecture. After graduating from Amakusa high school, he studied at Tama Art University. After that he worked as an illustrator and designed various products. He shifted his style to a form of Japanese traditional art and started to draw the “Bijinga” (lit., "beautiful female picture") in 1982. Since 1987 Noevir, cosmetics company of Japan had adopted Tsuruta's painting of imaginary beauties for their campaign for eleven years. Now he is working mainly as the painter of “Bijinga”, “Butsuga”(Buddhist art) and so on.
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