Yoshitaka Amano: the world beyond your imagination

 Exhibition Information

Term :
From 27th September 2014 to 23rd November 2014
Closed :
Every Tuesday

Museum hours :
10 a.m. - 8 p.m. (No admission after 7:30 p.m.)
Entrance fees :
Adults: 1000yen (800yen)
People over 65 years: 800yen (600yen)
University/High School Students: 500yen (400yen)
Junior High School Students (with current ID) or under: Free
*Parentheses indicate reduced price for groups which in more than 20 people. The reduced price is also available for those who are physically or mentally handicapped.
**October 12 is free admission for anniversary commemorating opening.
Venue :
Contemporary Art Museum,

Organizer by :
Kumamoto City, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto (Kumamoto Art and Culture Promotion Foundation), Kumamoto Nichinichi Press, RKK
Cooperated by :
Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education, Kumamoto City Board of Education, Kumamoto Ken Bunka Kyokai (Cultural Association of Kumamoto), Kumamoto Ken Bijutsuka Renmei (Artists' Union of Kumamoto), NHK Kumamoto, J:COM Kumamoto, Kumamoto International Convention and Tourism Bureau, FM-Kumamoto, FM791
Special Supported by:
Yoshitaka Amano Office,
M's management
Sponsored by :
Asahi Sonorama, Anzudo, Ohta Publishing CO., Kodansha Ltd, Square Enix CO. LTD., Hayakawa Publishing Corporation, Fujimi Shobo, DC comics, N.Y.SALAD Seisaku Jikkoiinkai, PHP Kenkyujo, Finch
Curation :
Toei Company, LTD., Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Mizuma Art Gallery
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
2-3, Kamitori-cho, Chuou-ku, Kumamoto city
860-0845 Japan
FAX. +81-96-359-7892
 The Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto is pleased to present the exhibition, Yoshitaka Amano: the world beyond your imagination.
 Yoshitaka Amano is an international multi-talented artist as a painter, character designer, and illustrator. This exhibition shows the overall picture of his magnificent talent through his works from early age to present. Also Amano had designed some stage arts and costumes, with his good imagination and creativity, he has bounded to do great things with the times. And his works is fantastic, amorous, dynamic and extremely delicate; those are based on his special techniques.
 Through the various media Amano is very popular but this is the first his retrospective show at the public art museum in Japan.



Final Fantasy Ⅴ concept design "castle in the sky"
1992 (c) 1992, Square Co., Ltd.

Madonna Ⅰ 1996

Ma-Ten 1984

Vampire Hunter "D"
/ To Dream 1986

Wait 1990

Yasai no Yosei N.Y.SALAD
(image by Kaga Denshi, Digital Media Labo)


Yoshitaka Amano (1952- ) born in Shizuoka, Japan
Painter, Character designer, Illustrator, and Book designer.


2000 The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award "THE SANDMAN: The Dream Hunters" collaboration with Neil Gaiman
2000 Dragon Con Award, Julie Award
1983-1986, 2007 14-17th & 38th Seiun Award

Amano started to work at Tatsunoko Production in 1967, he designed Time Bokan series characters. He became independent in 1982, as an illustrator. He designed Final Fantasy Ⅰ in 1987. Around the same time, he illustrated the Vampire Hunter D and Guin Saga series. He has his studio in Paris and New York around 1995.
In 1997 he had his solo show "THINK LIKE AMANO" in New York (next year it held at The Ueno Royal Museum). Recently he has many solo shows in Europe and Asia. In 2013 he has solo show "TOKYO SYNC" at Mizuma Art Gallery in Tokyo.

Related Program

*All events will be held in Japanese

Artist Talk by Yoshitaka Amano
Date and Time: September 27 (Sat) 14:00-15:30
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free* (It is needed the reservation ticket chosen by lottery. Please check the guide for winning the ticket as below.)
*To apply for winning the reservation tickets for the Artist Talk
Application deadline: 2014.8.31 (sun), by post or hand
Please use the double postcard and fill the application form as:
(Send side)
  • Your Postal Code
  • Your address
  • Your name
  • Age
  • Your telephone number
  • Select the type of sheet you want. Only one.
    A: Lecture room sheets (for 100 persons)
    B: Standing room (for 100 persons)
    You have double chance to get the sheet of Art Loft (Monitor room) sheets (for 90 persons).
(Return side)
Your address and Name
Send to:
Yoshitaka AMANO Artist Talk, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto 2-3 Kamitori Chuo-ku Kumamoto 860-0845
  • We will send the result only by posting.
  • If your application has a serious mistake (ex. writing SOME types of sheet you want), we will count it out. Sorry.
  • We do not use your private information except for this event. Thank you for your understanding.

Cosplay Contest: Amano's Characters Only
Contest Judge: Yoshitaka Amano, Takeshi Sakurai (director of CAMK),
Junichi Takemoto(president of Kamitori Shoeikai)
Date and Time: October 12(Sun) 14:00-
Place: Bipuresu Hiroba
Admission: Free
*For the Cosplayers:
To apply for getting the chance to participate in the Cosplay Contest
Entry deadline: October 1st (sun), by post or hand.
Please send a copy of cosplaying photo (full-body, A4size, took the photo in this year).
Back side of the photo; please fill the application form as
  • Your Postal Code
  • Your address
  • Your name
  • Your Age
  • Your telephone number
  • The character that you are cosplaying in the photo
  • Comment (100words in English)
Group is available. Please write your leader's name, address, and phone number.
Send to: Cosplay Contest, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto 2-3 Kamitori Chuo-ku Kumamoto 860-0845
  • We will have the 1st judge by the photos, and send the announcement of the application results.
  • We don't pay for the transport and stay.
  • We don't accept your application if your cosplay is not Amano's character.

CAMK Lecture College
The exhibition curator outlines the aim and the plan of this exhibition, discusses the featured works.
Speaker: Haruko Tomisawa (Curator of Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto)
Date and Time: October 26(Sun) 14:00-
Place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free

Special Movie screenings
1. Ganime Fantascope ~tylostoma~ (2006)
Date and Time: October 4(Sat) 14:00-
Meeting place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free
1. Ganime Tori no Uta (2007)
Date and Time: October 19(Sun) 14:00-
Meeting place: Home Gallery
Admission: Free

Expectant Mother's Tour + Family Tour
This is a tour for enjoying the exhibition with family or friends. We also show you convenient facilities for future mothers such as the nursing room or play space for children. This offer is children aged 0-6 years accompanied by adults. Capacity is 7 groups (bookings required)
Date and Time: October 11 (Sat) 10:30-
Place: Exhibition Space
Admission: Exhibition tickets for adults are needed

Gallery Tour
Gallery tour for the exhibition guided by the curator.
Date and Time: September 28, October 5, November 2/ 9/ 16/ 23 (Every time starts at 15:00-)
Place: Exhibition Space
Admission: Exhibition tickets for adults are needed

Daily events in CAMK

Monday Movies
We show various films every Monday in our museum theater.
Date and Time: Twice on every Monday, 14:00-, 18:00-
Place: 5F Art Loft
Admission: Free(90 sheets only)

CAMK Yomigatari
Storytelling Hours for Kids by Museum Volunteers.
Date and Time: October 18 (Sat) [Theme: Nice Autumn],
November 15 (Sat) [Theme: Animals],
(Every time starts at 11:30-12:00)
Place: Art Sky Gallery
Admission: Free